Wilsonville dump site to be cleaned

Published 4:03 pm Thursday, March 1, 2012

By NICOLE LOGGINS / Staff Writer 

WILSONVILLE – The Alabama  Department of Environmental Management is seeking bids to clean up an illegal dump site in Wilsonville.

The dump site is located in the area of  Morris Estates Drive.

“It’s not in my city limits, but it has a mailing address for Wilsonville,” said Wilsonville mayor Rosemary Liveoak. “It’s kind of tricky there.” 

“Any time we run into people who aren’t responsible enough to help our environment it causes us to have to pull from resources and that affects us all,” Liveoak said. “We have to do our civic duty to clean up, whether it’s the land owners or the people out there renting.” 

Chad Scroggins, environmental supervisor for Shelby County, said the dump site could  be anything and the state is looking for an outside bidder to clean up the site. 

“It’s not uncommon for them to start handling these projects. It doesn’t have a whole lot of county involvement,” Scroggins said. “It’s probably not a big issue and I suspect you’ll see more of this throughout the year.” 

Bids must include cost of removing and disposing of tire scrap and materials from the site and the installation of five “No Dumping” signs. The project is on a lump sum basis. 

Those interested in bidding are required to attend a meeting on March 8 at the dump site at 1 p.m. All bids are due by April 12 at 3 p.m. 

For more information, contact Holly Funk at 334-271-7760.