Sweet 16 again

Published 9:30 am Tuesday, March 6, 2012

“My mom always said if there wasn’t a Leap Day, I would have been born on March 1, which makes sense,” she said. “However, my dad and his family said that my birthday is in February and should be celebrated Feb. 28th.”

“Since I am married now, I celebrate the whole week, especially when there actually is a Leap Day,” she added. “This year, my family has planned to have a big celebration to celebrate my sixth birthday.”

Joanie Garrison, a Calera resident, will be celebrating her eighth birthday on Feb. 29.

Garrison, a dental assistant, said she loves having her birthday on Feb. 29, as it makes the day “special.”

“I’m hoping my husband will surprise me with something,” she said of National Weather Service Meteorologist Michael Garrison. “I’ve been dropping hints.

“People like to ask me how old I really am,” she added.