Police reports for the week of March 7, 2012

Published 2:32 pm Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feb. 24

-Domestic violence and criminal trespass from the 9000 block of Brookline Lane (residence, home). Damaged was a door frame in the amount of $200.

-Driving under the influence from Wynwood Drive (highway, street).

-Theft of property from the 4400 block of South Shades Crest Road (residence, home).

-Failure to appear – warrant arrest from 816 Highway 52 East (jail, prison).

-Probation violation from the Shelby County Jail (jail, prison).

-Trespass warning from the 500 block of Bentmoor Drive (residence, home).

-Violation of city ordinance 472 – noise from the 300 block of Ridgemont Drive (residence, home).

Feb. 26

-Domestic disturbance from the corner of Squire Drive and County Road 52 West (highway, street).

-Property damage from Cunningham Drive (church). Damaged was a vehicle windshield in the amount of $150.



Feb. 21

-Theft of property II from the 100 block of Dauphin Way (residence/home). Stolen were $700 in U.S. currency and a Bank Trust debit card valued at $0.

-Information only from the 100 block of Samford Street (parking lot/garage).

-Property damage from the 4500 block of Shelby County 22 (highway/street). Damaged were a hood, front bumper and grill in the amount of $2,000.

Feb. 22

-Criminal mischief II from the 900 block of Valley Street (residence/home). Damaged was the paint of a Honda Civic in the amount of $1,500.

-Identity theft from the 700 block of Middle Street (conv. store). Stolen was $120 in U.S. currency.

-Theft of property III from the 4000 block of Alabama 25 (dept. store). Stolen were 11 liquid laundry detergent valued at $106, men’s underwear valued at $105, body wash valued at $33 and bath soap valued at $9.

-Domestic incident form the 200 block of Overland Road (residence/home).