Montevallo natives combat college-age binge drinking

Published 4:39 pm Thursday, March 8, 2012


For years, various groups and organizations have tried to positively influence the national problem of college-age binge drinking. However, it may take LessThanUThink to reach students on the issue, according to two Montevallo natives.

Justin Posey and Sam Nathews, 2008 graduates of Montevallo High School and seniors in The University of Alabama Advertising and Public Relations Department, will be implementing an award-winning campaign statewide throughout the spring semester.


The campaign, LessThanUThink, is student-generated and addresses the national problem of college-age binge drinking. Posey said this semester’s phase of the campaign is focused primarily on spring break and the two weeks prior.

“The issue of college-age binge drinking is a national problem that is elevated during certain times of the year, such as spring break,” Posey said. “I am excited about the opportunity to encourage students to monitor their drinking habits while enjoying their vacation.”


The campaign reaches college students through the use of humorous messages that highlight the negative social consequences associated with the over consumption of alcohol. This unique approach toward the issue has been the key to LessThanUThink’s success, Nathews said.

“We are not promoting abstinence,” Nathews said. “We are simply encouraging college students to drink more responsibly, and that message is not one students are used to hearing.”

Visit the LessThanUThink website,, for more information about the campaign