County GOP forms teen organization

Published 7:05 pm Tuesday, March 13, 2012


HOOVER – A club for teenagers interested in politics has formed during the beginning of the 2012 political season. The Shelby County Teenage Republicans club is organized and led by husband and wife team Jason and April DeLuca with the support of the Shelby County Republican Party.

The first official interest meeting will be March 17 at 1 p.m. at the Shelby County Services Building Community Room in Pelham.

“Teenage Republicans is a great way for teens to get involved with what’s going on in local, state, and national government,” said Jason DeLuca. “It’s also an excellent way to get younger people involved in the GOP.”

The club is new to the county and completely run by the teenage participants, DeLuca said.

“It’s for teens that have already taken an interest in government and politics,” said DeLuca. “There may be only a handful of students in one school who care about politics, so it gives them exposure to politicians and government beyond that. There are city council and county commissions in your own backyard.”

Marcelo Munoz, vice chairman of the Shelby County Republican Party, came up with the idea to start a club in Shelby County after having experiences with a similar club in Cullman, DeLuca said. Because DeLuca and his wife are both in their mid-twenties, they were chosen to lead the group because they “would connect better with the teens.”

“As one of the most Republican counties in the nation, it is logical for the GOP here to have a presence and organization among our teen citizens,” said Freddy Ard, Chairman of the Shelby County Republican Party.

For the teen participants, being part of the club is a way to get involved in the political process and take a closer look at government on a local and state level.

“We want teens to understand that being involved in government does not mean that you have to go off to Washington or Montgomery to see Congress or the Legislature. There are plenty of ways to be active and informed right in our own backyard in our city halls, county commission, court rooms, school boards and beyond,” DeLuca said.

Anyone interested should email and visit the club’s Facebook page.