Marriages for the week of March 28, 2012

Published 3:46 pm Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from March 13-19:


-Christopher Brian Bailey, 41, of Pelham and Aline S. Jackson, 52, of Pelham.

-Anthony Joseph Nagel, 28, of Alabaster and Allison Lee May, 31, of Auburn.

-Gregory Edmund Williams, 22, of Birmingham and Melissa Rae McCormick, 22, of Odenville.

-Morris Matthew Hill, 30, of Helena and Jennifer Lynn Satterfield, 25, of Helena.

-Shuan Demetrice Brown, 38, of Birmingham and Robbin Odell King, 42, of Calera.

-Derek Brett Sippola, 25, of Alabaster and Rebecca Aline Harris, 23, of Alabaster.

-Patrick Todd Spiller, 38, of Chelsea and Rachel Lindsey Harper, 28, of Chelsea.

-Zachary Charles McCain, 27, of Pelham and Kathryn Blair Dickerson, 26, of Pelham.

-James Orren Marshall Jr., 57, of Highland Village and Margaret Fairhurst, 56, of Highland Village.

-Greg Kyle Oakes, 43, of Calera and Tina M. Bailey, 35, of Columbiana.

-Jason Alan Milam, 26, of Alabaster and Christian Lacey Hunt, 30, of Alabaster.

-Simmons Lyons Jr., 30, of Maylene and Tyeshia Prentice Brown, 31, of Maylene.

-James Billiart Swimelar, 50, of Helena and Shanna Nicola Smith, 40, of Alabaster.

-Curtis Wayne Garrison, 29, of Birmingham and Mary Elizabeth Devore, 31, of Birmingham.

-Gerald Alan Williamon Jr., 38, of Calera and Priscilla Wilkerson Clevenger, 38, of Calera.

-Joseph Lawrence Marzella, 26, of Alabaster and Rebecca Lee Harrison, 22, of Alabaster.

-Joseph Daniel Bridges, 30, of Birmingham and Emily Claire Moore, 24, of Birmingham.

-Bradley Joseph Martin, 28, of Pelham and Lindsey Erin Watson, 27, of Pelham.

-John Wayne Ward, 70, of Calera and Barbara Adams Henley, 73, of Calera.

-Jonathan David Butler, 22, of Columbiana and Shelley Elaine Bentley, 21, of Columbiana.

-Christopher Neal Pardue, 32, of Calera and Brandi Renee Milstead, 30, of Calera.

-John Nicholas Moreira, 28, of Calera and Tabitha Sarah Harris, 25, of Calera.

-David Michael Dyson, 23, of Calera and Laura Lynn Cherico, 23, of Calera.

-Kelly Paul Bogart, 58, of Birmingham and Jodi Marie Call, 46, of Birmingham.