Art to hang on your office wall

Published 11:27 am Tuesday, April 3, 2012

By KATIE McDOWELL / Lifestyles Editor

Throughout school, my mom hung the art my brother, sister and I made on the walls throughout our house.

My brother and sister were talented, so this didn’t mortify them as much as it did me. My mother insisted I was artistic, but my dad finally proved me right one day when he asked my mom to please assure him she did not spend too much money on the flower painting in the dining room.

It was a painting I made in art class as a high school junior. I laughed it off, but my dad was mortified. That painting ended up on his office wall, where it has hung for the last 10 years. He insists that he loves it and receives compliments on it all the time.

During a recent Shelby County Board of Education meeting, local students displayed artwork that I know their parents would also be proud to hang on their walls at home or work. The BOE recognized winners of the Superintendent’s Art Show during its March 15 meeting.

Nine students were recognized in two categories at the local level, while three students also received state recognition.

Category 1 (all media, mixed media)

-K-third: Mya Brown, Calera Elementary, third grade

-Fourth-sixth: Madeline Brooks, Helena Elementary, fifth grade

-Seventh-eighth: Sarah Marlow, Oak Mountain Middle, eighth grade

-Ninth-10th: Candace Foster, Chelsea High, 10th grade

-11th-12th: Katelyn Ledford, Oak Mountain High, 11th grade

Category 2 (digital artwork, photography)

-K-sixth: Joe Sautter, Calera Middle, sixth grade

-Seventh-eighth: Aynsley Davis, Chelsea Middle, eighth grade

-Ninth-10th: Don (Trey) Evans, Pelham High, 10th grade

-11th-12th: Kristen Hyatt, Shelby County High, 12th grade

Several students also placed at the State Superintendent’s show in Montgomery. Davis won second place, while Foster and Hyatt both received an honorable mention.

I enjoyed viewing the art that night, but I most enjoyed watching the parents beaming at their budding artists.

I know from experience that parents will love anything their children create, but in this case, it was very well deserved.

Katie McDowell is the lifestyles editor for the Shelby County Reporter. She can be reached at 669-3131 ext. 19 or by email at