Building moratorium extended for Westover’s Willow Oaks subdivision

Published 9:18 pm Wednesday, April 18, 2012


WESTOVER – The Westover City Council extended the new building permit moratorium in Willow Oaks subdivision, which was set to expire at the end of April during an April 17 City Council meeting.

City Councilmember Larry Riggins said the subdivision’s residents are having “issues” with street repairs, and at least one builder has been excavating property without permits.

As the residents won’t hold another meeting to discuss the issues until after the current moratorium on new subdivision building permits expires, Riggins proposed the council make a motion to renew the moratorium until the end of May.

The council unanimously approved the motion.

Mayor Mark McLaughlin said the city can potentially call up bonds to assist in repairing the subdivision’s roads. The city has approximately $116,000 in bonds for road repairs and $200,000 for sidewalks.

“I really don’t care. I just want to make them happy, but that’s all the money I’ve got,” he said. “If we go ahead and pave the road, that’s all I’ve got. I’ve also got some other folks who need their streets paved.”

In other action, the Westover City Council:

-Discussed forming a committee, a part from the City Council, to decide what type of school the city wants.

“We want a school here in Westover, and we’re laying the groundwork,” Councilmember Annette Tyler said.

-The Westover Fire Department recently purchased a Tahoe and used second fire engine to be placed into service.