Seven kittens available to adopt

Published 3:39 pm Monday, April 23, 2012


Meet Chico, Chance, Chilli, Chevy, Champ, Chewie and Checkers. All seven of these adorable, 2-month-old, black kittens are Shelby Humane Society’s Pets of the Week this week. With your help, Shelby Humane Society wants to get all seven to their new homes in just the next seven days!

Five of the seven kittens.

Black cats and kittens, like black dogs, are often passed by potential adopters, but these kittens prove why it would be such a mistake to do so. Incredibly sweet and outgoing, ready to horse around and eager to cuddle after, these kittens are very sociable with people and at a great age to adapt to homes with other pets or children.

These busy little kitties are hard to capture in one picture, so you will have to visit them at the shelter to see them better. They are absolutely hilarious to watch as they romp, play and snuggle with each other.

One of the kittens.

If Chico, Chance, Chilli, Chevy, Champ, Chewie or Checkers could be the one you have been waiting for, then call 669-3916 ext. 21 to find out how to help Shelby Humane Society get all seven into their new homes in just seven days!

Shelby Humane also invites you to visit all of the deserving pets at the shelter in Columbiana on Tuesday-Saturday from noon-5:30 p.m. The staff is eager to help you find your perfect match. Choose Shelby Humane Society and help save a life!