Land transactions for the week of April 25, 2012

Published 3:22 pm Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The following deeds were transferred in Shelby County from April 13-19:

April 13

-Joseph E. Acker III and Faye B. Acker to Steven K. and Lisa N. Boadway for $337,500 for property.

-Gladys Lincoln Burt to Benjamin W. Lincoln, Donald D. Lincoln, R. Bruce Lincoln and Gladys Lincoln Burt, life estate, for $20,000 for Lot 11 in Murphys Fishing Camp.

-David T. and Tammy L. Downard to Carolyn S. Bellamy for $850,000 for property.

-David G. Eggler to Ronnie and Linda Eggler for $10,000 for Lot 1 in Eggler Family Subdivision.

-Chad B. and Haley W. Handley to James D. and Jennifer D. Sumpter for $293,500 for Lot 456 in Stoneykirk at Ballantrae.

-Robert C. and Christine P. Hawkins to Robert C. and Christine P. Hawkins for $10,000 for Lot 719 in Highland Lakes.

-Billy Joe and Johnnie Pickett to Frank and Katherine M. Helms for $147,000 for property.


April 16

-Etheylyn J. Burnette to Candice D. Hoops for $109,000 for Lot 78 in Daventry.

-Lisa Lively and Robert David Ingram to Clifford T. Gregg Sr. for $6,000 for property.

-Tyrol Inc. to DR Horton Inc. Birmingham for $50,000 for Lots 4-28 and 4-85 in Chelsea Park.

-BAC Home Loans Servicing LP to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $0 for Lot 51 in Savannah Pointe.

-David T. and Sherri L. Battles to David Brent and Ashley Jackson Thomas for $299,000 for Lot 433 in Forest Parks.

-Kevin F. and Loraine A. Carroll to Tiffany J. Southard for $195,000 for Lot 17 in Brynleigh Estates.

-Gene Denny Jr. and Charlot B. Denny to Karen R. Hammond and Nicholas A. Cataldo for $368,000 for Lot 17 in Brook Highland.

-Robert P. and Maggie E. Devereux to Clay Smitherman and Amanda Huggins for $175,000 for Lot 2812 in Weatherly Highlands the Cove.

-Fannie Mae to Joseph and Cathy Bowman for $283,000 for Lot 7 in Crossbrook Farms.

-Jeffrey L. and Tina C. Hood to Russell J. Madson for $300,000 for Lot 38 in Weatherly Windsor.

-George A. Ressler Jr., Charlotte Annette, bankruptcy estate, and Andre Toffel, trustee, to Donald and Wendy Whaley for $21,500 for Lots 5, 6, 11, 12 in Pine Grove Camp.

-Ronald L. and Patricia M. Stanfa to Erich and Dana Walchek for $55,000 for Lot 1 in Greystone.

-Brent and Ashley Jackson Thomas to Randall S. McMillan for $144,750 for Lot 54 in Narrows Reach.

-Larry W. and Paula D. Throneberry to David M. and Barbara S. Varner for $524,000 for Lot 144 in Highland Lakes.

-Secretary of Veterans Affairs to William L. and Evelyn B. Smith for $75,000 for Lot 68 in Wyndham Wilkerson.


April 17

-Bank of New York, trustee, and CWALT Inc. to Stan B. Levine Jr. and Marynell Levine for $81,000 for Lot 56 in Calloway Cove.

-Bank of New York, trustee, and CWABS Inc. to Cynthia F. Tippett for $139,000 for Lot 327 in Savannah Pointe.

-Bank of New York, trustee, and CWALT Inc. to Travis and Annette Rowland for $282,320 for Lot 202 in Lakewood.

-Jerald E. Blackerby and Judith O. Isbell to Jerald E. and Elaine Blackerby for $5,000 for property.

-Patricia M. and Mike L. Burns to Patricia M. and Mike L. Burns for $50,000 for Lot 51 in Greystone.

-Sanford D. Hatton, personal representative, and Gregory D. Mann, estate, to David L. Seales for $255,000 for Lot 37 in Sterling Gate.

-John W. and Patricia L. Hawkins to John W. Hawkins, trustee, and Patricia L. Hawkins, trustee, for $143,500 for Lot 32 in Navaho Hills.

-Glen Joiner to Dale E. McCullough II and Robin McCullough for $150,000 for property.

-Tam Phan and Nam Truong to David J. and Bobbie A. Morgan for $231,900 for Lot 108 in Riverwoods.

-Matthew A. Robinson to Jeffery A. and Anita L. White for $318,500 for Lot 20 in Linkside at Greystone.

-Joseph M. and Amber L. Strain to Amber L. Strain for $128,850 for Lot 6 in Beaumont.

-Kevin Michael Weber to Berta Duarte for $76,500 for Lot 3 in Dunston.


April 18

-Craig and Amber Cosper to Abe. R Ratliff Jr. and Lynda J. Ratliff for $290,000 for property.

-Kristina Tapp Davis to Christopher B. Harper for $141,000 for Lot 419 in Wyndham Rockhampton.

-Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, trustee, and Rali 2006QS16 to Alandris D. Ferguson for $85,000 for Lot 76 in Waterford Village.

-Billy R. and Jane H. Gause to Jeremy and Jennifer King for $275,000 for Lot 19 in Altadena Woods.

-Joshua A. and Suzanne L. Henderson to Craig and Amber Cosper for $267,500 for Lot 1142 in Highland Lakes.

-Cecilia Jeanne Pendergast, personal representative, Cynthia Anne Pendergast Grinde, personal representative, and S. Elizabeth Pendergast, estate, to Cynthia Anne Pendergast Grinde for $0 for property.

-Frank B. and Bonnie Poticny to James A. and Rebecca W. Miller for $209,300 for Lot 3 in Meadow Brook.

-United State Department of Housing and Urban Development to Justin Kent Porter for $19,200 for property.

-United State Department of Housing and Urban Development to Phillip Andrew Blankenship for $155,000 for Lot 3 in Broken Bow.


April 19

-Adams Homes LLC to Ann F. Mace and Fern B. Fields for $173,300 for Lot 2041 in Old Cahaba.

-Adams Homes LLC to David and Brenda Morrison for $145,000 for Lot 250 in Lakes at Hidden Forest.

-Adams Homes LLC to Jerry W. Simons for $128,760 for Lot 5 in Southfield Gardens.

-Adams Homes LLC to Jerry L. and Nelda J. Cochran for $160,100 for Lot 55 in Tanglewood by the Creek.

-Bank of New York, trustee, and CWALT Inc. to Brian and Bethany Buchanan for $369,000 for Lot 39 in Saddle Lake Farms Condominium.

-W. Walker and Kelly C. Burley to Joshua Michael and Sara Shephard McCutchen for $367,500 for Lot 7-20 in Mt Laurel.

-Raja S. Chirumamilla to Raja S. Chirumamilla and Abby Lane Walls for $10,000 for Lot 84 in Beaumont.

-Joannie M. Culp to Donald R. Benson for $40,000 for property.

-Linda P. Dehaven to Samuel and Amanda Cain for $303,000 for Lot 47 in Cedars.

-Fannie Mae to Larry J. and Angela B. Jordan for $379,900 for Lot 9 in Mountain Crest Estates.

-Flagstone Builders LLC to James R. and Ashley Blue for $170,900 for Lot 20 in Villages of Westover.

-Lindsay and William Gill to Daniel B. and Courtney N. Carlisle for $315,000 for Lot 2327 in Riverchase Country Club.

-Michael J. and Christina M. Heard to Matthew B. Cleveland for $115,000 for Lot 37 in Buck Creek Landing.

-Homesales Inc. to Christy L. Butler and Jonathan Edward Clarke for $106,000 for Lot 13 in Nottingham.

-Ray and Rebecca Hutchinson to Eric S. and Joni L. Quattlebaum for $245,000 for Lot 712 in Windstone.

-LPP Mortgage LTD to James E. and Patricia A. Mosier for $27,000 for property.

-J. Matthew and Rachel Mayo to Benny and Jeri Wink for $260,000 for Lot 7 in Bent Creek.

-NSH Corp to Paulo E. and Amanda P. Gonzalez for $264,109 for Lot 8 in Bent River.

-Kenneth J. and Sheri D. Peterson to John R. and Sunyi Waters for $235,000 for Lot 20 in Emerald Parc.

-Leon and Violet Powell to Joyce P. Etress, Mary P. Dunnaway and Robert L. Powell for $5,000 for property.

-Leon and Violet Powell to Joyce P. Etress, Mary P. Dunnaway and Robert L. Powell for $5,000 for property.

-William H. and Casey A. Proctor to William Brian and Casey A. Proctor for $185,000 for Lot 1423 in Highland Lakes.

-Clarence J. and Vicki Leann Pruett to James D. and Linda J. Precht for $350,000 for Lot 1179 in Highland Lakes.

-Renasant Bank to Helen Logan for $11,000 for Lot 1705 in Stoneykirk at Ballantrae.

-Renasant Bank to Jeff and Cindy Carroll for $11,000 for Lot 1730 in Stoneykirk at Ballantrae.

-Kenneth J. and Jennifer J. Speigner to Norman W. and Janice A. Naccari for $179,000 for Lot 21 in Selkirk.

-Trustmark National Bank to John C. and Christina G. Steart for $255,000 for Lot 1146 in Highland Lakes.

-Walker Development LLC to Samuel Bryan and Susie Lynn Burch for $169,900 for Lots 11 and 12 in Mooney Estates.

-Kendall M. and Ronad D. Williams Jr. to Erica Shunnarah for $117,500 for Lot 4 in Crosscreek Cove Townhomes.