Seniors should have been honored

Published 12:06 pm Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dear Editor,

One can only hope that the family, friends, community leaders and sponsors of the Thompson High School baseball team will never again stand for the disgraceful way their coaches dishonored and dismissed the senior baseball players at their final game of their high school careers.

The stands were packed with extended family members and friends proudly ready to honor and support the seniors. Yet, when the game started the seniors did not take the field. Never will these coaches be able to justify that decision.

This was not an important game as far as statistics were concerned; however, it was a very important game as far as the THS seniors and their families were concerned.

The coach stated he wanted to win; he did not! Someone needs to inform him and his staff that winning doesn’t only present itself on a scoreboard! When these coaches failed to honor their seniors, they failed in integrity and character. Does the fact that most of these players, since eighth grade, have been loyal in their dedication to practicing, playing, and mentoring younger players mean nothing?

What about the parents of the seniors who have committed vast amounts of time and finances to support the program, does that mean nothing? How ungrateful and unappreciative could these coaches possibly be? The coach and his staff lost much more than just a ballgame last night. They lost a great deal of respect and surely sponsorships! And for what, so his juniors and sophomores could have a practice game? This was not an effective way to sell the THS baseball program!

T. H. Wyatt and family