Strangers feel cared for, welcomed

Dear Editor,

We were so pleased with our recent emergency car repair facilitated through Victory GMC. The promptness, friendliness, helpfulness, kindness and courtesy of all the personnel we encountered were amazingly above average!

We couldn’t have been better cared for anywhere, and we were complete strangers to the dealership.

On Thursday evening, April 5, 2012, while returning to Michigan from Florida, we hit a ‘record setting sized’ raccoon just a bit south of Calera.

We damaged the radiator and air conditioner, as well as some body damage. We were only able to travel a limited distance to a motel.

The following morning we added fluid to the radiator and ‘limped’ into Victory GMC around 8 a.m. We were so thrilled to be welcomed with open arms and ushered into their beautiful waiting area.

In addition to ourselves, we were traveling with a Doberman and a Rottweiler that were also treated like queens—biscuits and lots of petting and attention!

We were kept apprised as the vehicle was inspected, pictures were taken, and an estimate given. We were easily able to receive a go-ahead from our insurance company because Victory GMC did such a thorough job of preparation including pictures for the insurance.

We were told they had to go get a replacement radiator, but sometime soon after 11 a.m. we were back on the road for Michigan — and all that wonderful assistance happened on Good Friday. I had been worried that we might not be able to be helped until after Easter, but we were blessed to have chosen Victory GMC to help us. We were so pleased with their professionalism, willingness to help, promptness and care for us and our dogs.

Victory GMC did a great job of remembering the ‘customer’ in customer service. They surely demonstrated Southern hospitality at its finest. We were, and are, extremely thankful for the great service we received.

We regret not recalling many names but the service manager who met us was great, Dan Ellsworth who did pictures and kept us informed, personnel at the payment desk, many dog lovers and even a great guy making coffee — they all spoiled us!! If it weren’t so darn far to travel, we’d have to have our vehicle serviced there!!

Calvin and Martha Jane Beach

Dogs Chica and Carla

Edmore, Mich.