Debate needed on medical marijuana

Published 11:32 am Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dear Editor,

The Alabaster CityFest was supposed to be just another fun-filled event attended by the Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition.

This nonprofit organization enjoys attending public events like this one held in Alabaster for the purpose of promoting and educating people about the Alabama Medical Marijuana Patients’ Rights Act.

This act, if passed, would allow medical marijuana to be used by a patient once a licensed doctor prescribes it. That alone could help so many people across Alabama deal a little better with the medical problems they face.

The Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition was not able to attend CityFest due to some confusion either with the event planners, the mayor, the city or possibly a late filing issue.

But whatever occurred that kept the coalition from being able to attend this event hasn’t slowed down the cause. In fact, it has helped to amp it up!

I honestly hope that whatever occurred is corrected by next year. But since the coalition wasn’t able to attend, I hope that the people within this community will take the time to research this group, its cause and of course the Alabama Medical Marijuana Patients’ Rights Act.

We the voting public should make a stand. No matter what side of the fence you’re standing on, please stand up for your rights. I fully understand that medical marijuana is a very controversial subject in our nation, but this group is trying to go about things in a legal way.

So, if you would like to see the Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition next year at Alabaster CityFest, please let your voice be heard.

If you’re glad the coalition wasn’t able to attend, because you feel that the Alabaster CityFest is a family event and not a place for a political stance, or you’re against the idea of marijuana being legal for medical use, or any other reason, please express your concerns.

I realize that there is still a debate going on in the medical field as to if medical marijuana is in fact an effective treatment for anything or, if useful, the dosage needed. But that is why education is so important.

Robert A. Papoi Jr.