County employees to receive raises

Published 5:23 pm Wednesday, June 27, 2012


COLUMBIANA – The Shelby County Commission unanimously approved a resolution to give merit step raises to a portion of county employees during its June 25 meeting.

According to County Manager Alex Dudchock, 250 of the county’s 550 employees qualify for a raise.

The resolution states the officials and associated personnel decided that county operations would be sustainable through this fiscal year and the next.

According to the resolution, the County Commission and management staff has instituted budget reduction actions and managed resources for the county for the past three fiscal years. Also, county employees participated in the Wellness Program, which resulted in savings in the overall health insurance premiums for the commission, as well as employees.

The County Appointing Authorities and Management Staff will administer a merit increase to eligible employees, assuming employees did not receive “any treatment in the previous fiscal years.”

According to the resolution, all employees in county departments except for the sheriff’s office and jail that were eligible to receive a merit salary treatment, but did not due to the state of the economy, qualify for the raises.

The commission approved the proposed merit step raises for all eligible employees to begin within the pay period that starts on July 6, and will continue through pay periods after.