Columbiana to offer cooling stations

Published 2:27 pm Friday, June 29, 2012


COLUMBIANA — Residents and visitors who need relief from sweltering temperatures on Saturday during Liberty Day can find it at one of four cooling stations, which will be located in downtown Columbiana.

Vendors will line Main Street in Columbiana all day on Saturday, in anticipation of the 27th annual Liberty Day parade, which kicks off at 3 p.m.

Weather forecasters have predicted Saturday’s temperatures to reach a high of 105 degrees.

Mayor Allan Lowe said he instructed Columbiana Fire Chief Johnny Howard Jr. to construct the cooling stations.

Lowe purchased his own cooling station and set it up on Friday afternoon at his office near the corner of Main and Mildred streets.

Howard said the other three — one located near Bernie’s Restaurant, another at the Diane Ellis building and another at the corner of Main and College — will be up and running at daylight on Saturday.

“Basically, the cooling stations consist of a tent with misting tubes in the top. They are supposed to lower the temperature by 15 to 20 degrees,” Lowe said.

Howard said police, fire and public works personnel will be moving through the crowds on Saturday, offering assistance where needed.

In addition, he said each cooling station will be manned by emergency medical or fire department personnel.

“I would recommend people make plans to stay hydrated, to wear light-colored clothing and to pace themselves. Don’t try to do everything at one time,” Howard said.