Blue Rain awash with business

Published 3:23 pm Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pelham's Blue Rain Express car wash has seen higher-than-expected business since opening in mid-June. (Contributed)

By NEAL WAGNER / City Editor

Pelham’s newest car wash has been seeing higher-than-expected business since opening its doors near the intersection of U.S. 31 and Valleydale Road.

The Blue Rain Express car wash has been operational since June 13, and has been serving what Blue Rain’s manager called a “pent-up demand” for a car wash in northern Pelham.

“It’s been phenomenal. With Aldi next door, it’s been a great, high-traffic location,” said Blue Rain Manager Breck Dillard. “It’s an easy-in, easy-out location.”

The car wash, which is located at 100 Big Mountain Circle, features an automated, drive-through car wash and several vacuuming and mat-cleaning stations. The drive-through car wash features conveyor belts similar to “a people-mover at the airport,” which is simpler to navigate than other chain-driven devices used at similar car washes, Dillard said.

The stainless steel equipment inside the drive-through car wash is arranged in a curve around the vehicles, which contours to modern, rounded vehicles, he said.

“You get a better application because most cars today are rounded and curvy,” Dillard said.

Water used in the car wash is “recaptured” after it is used, and is run through a reverse osmosis purification process before it is reused in future wash cycles. The reverse osmosis process makes the water purer than most tap water, Dillard said.

“That is not a brand new concept, but we went with the best system we could,” Dillard said, noting the car wash also saves on electricity costs by allowing sunlight to light the inside of the wash.

Dillard said customers have several payment options when they arrive at the car wash. The business features manned and automated drive-up payment windows, and allows customers to purchase monthly packages. When a customer purchases a monthly package, they receive a radio frequency ID tag to place on their rearview mirror.

“When you drive up, that RFID tag automatically raises the arm and prioritizes you above anyone else in line,” Dillard said.

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