ObamaCare not the answer for country

Published 10:17 am Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dear Editor,

ObamaCare is not the answer to this country’s health care issue. The true answer, the answer that no one wants to even discuss, is to totally do away with the Insurance Companies and reduce medical rates to a reasonable amount.

ObamaCare was not passed into law in an effort to help ensure that everyone could afford decent health care. No. ObamaCare has one goal, and only one goal — to make money.

ObamaCare ensures that doctors and hospitals can continue to charge it’s patients outrageous rates — simply because they can. ObamaCare ensures that the Insurance Companies are able to sell even more insurance policies — actually dictating by law that everyone be required to purchase a policy.

ObamaCare ensures that the pharmaceutical companies are able to continue charging outrageous prices for medications that are vital to the life and wellbeing of its customers — simply because they can.

If this administration truly cared about the health care of the people, rather than pockets of its friends, ObamaCare would not have been written to protect the incomes of the medical profession and the insurance companies — it would have been written, instead, to protect the people from the medical profession and the insurance companies.

It would be illegal for a doctor to charge $20,000 for a two hour operation to repair a broken bone — because you have to have it! It would be illegal for a pharmaceutical company to charge upwards of $10,000 a month for lifesaving cancer medication — because you have to have it!

It is high time that the citizens of this country wake up. Yes, medical costs are ridiculous, to the point of being unethical, but mandatory insurance is not the answer. What we need is less government control of our lives — not more! Instead, fix the real problem — greed.

Derek Tombrello