Chelsea mayor looks for re-election


CHELSEA – Chelsea Mayor Earl Niven recently announced his intent to run for a sixth term as mayor in the Aug. 28 municipal election.

Niven was first elected as Chelsea mayor in March 1996 when the city was formed.

“If you look where we started 16 years ago to where we are now, I’m very proud of the progress we’ve made,” Niven said.

Chelsea Mayor Earl Niven

Niven said the city of Chelsea has been active in supporting education.

“We’re very community minded in that we have donated the $500,000 to build a gym that will not only benefit the school, but also the community for our youth activities,” Niven said, noting the gym will be a part of the new Chelsea elementary school scheduled to open August 2013.

“Chelsea, to me, is a good city with the ability to become a great city,” he said. “We’re enroute to become a great city. We have great community support.”

The mayor said the city has spent money on youth activities in the past years, including building a softball complex and football practice field.

“We have merged with the youth club to maintain all youth facilities in Chelsea,” Niven said. “We have plans to light the practice field at the Chelsea High School that would benefit the high school as well as youth football.”

According to Niven, the city council has a plan to build a community center that will benefit all age groups.

“We have supported the senior adult center we have on Highway 36, but we have a need now for a community center that will house a full-sized gym that will benefit not only youth, but also all activities of our community,” Niven said. “We’ll have senior adult activity rooms at the community center. I look at this to be recommended this fall for the city to build along with an additional sports complex or facility.”

The city is also facing road re-routing issues, Niven said.

“One of the major ones is the rerouting of Highways 47 and 39,” he said. “That will help speed traffic through the city hall area and the middle school.”

Niven’s experience includes serving as a trustee for the Chelsea schools for 12 years, being involved in Civitan Club, Lions Club and Kiwanis Club. He has also been the president of high school and youth booster clubs, as well as a deacon at Liberty Baptist Church for 45 years.

“My whole desire in being mayor is my love for the community,” Niven said. “I’ve lived here all my life. I think that wherever we’re placed in life we are a servant. It’s my desire to continue to be a servant to the city of Chelsea.”