Marriages for the week of July 18, 2012

Published 3:43 pm Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The following couples applied for marriage licences in Shelby County from July 3 – July 9, 2012:


-Clarence Lavert Seale III, 48, of Helena and Brenda R. Adams, 50, of Pelham.

-William David Fields III, 24, of Auburn and Emily Ann Sperando, 23, of Birmingham.

-Jason Martin Simmons, 37, of Trussville and Rachel Cole Davis, 37, of Trussville.

-Ryan Garrett Jackson, 27, of Birmingham and Lauren Joan Barksdale, 27, of Birmingham.

-James Richard Belden, 64, of Calera and Linda W. Davenport, 61, of Alabaster.

-Kyle Martin Kornegay, 28, of Calera and Jessica Johnson Mitchell, 26, of Calera.

-Regil Brent Parkman, 26, of Birmingham and Hailey Michelle Hutchinson, 27, of Birmingham.

-Michael Wayne Brandley, 47, of Calera and Ladonna Pordos Bonds, 43, of Calera.

-Billy Joe Savage, 72, of Montevallo and Elizabeth Lee Haynie, 69, of Montevallo.

-Jarred Michael Kato, 28, of Helena and Carla Michelle Smith, 28, of Helena.

-William Heath White, 62, of Montevallo and Cecile Dennis Nichols, 61, of Montevallo.

-Nathaniel Chappell, 71, of Brierfield and Jessie Jemison Smith, 58, of Brierfield.

-Michael Richard Fallin, 47, of Alabaster and Judy L. Carwell, 69, of Alabaster.

-William Walter Holmes IV, 55, of Hoover and Debra J. Chism, 57, of Birmingham.

-Oscar Armando Armendariz Villalobos, 25, of Alabaster and Maria Anita Portillo Sotelo, 24, of Alabaster.

-Stephen Mikel Rogers, 22, of Pelham and Rachel Nichole Robbins, 22, of Birmingham.

-Eddie Eugene Pearson, 28, of Hoover and Erin Marie Hale, 23, of Hoover.

-William Keith Welch, 45, of Birmingham and Alicia Ramos Smith, 43, of Birmingham.

-Lawrence Christopher Davis, 38, of San Diego and Georgia LaShayne Cannon, 37, of Alabaster.

-Thomas Harlan Smith Jr., 58, of Hoover and Nancy Karen Strenth, 56, of Hoover.

-Christopher Cleavon Boston, 39, of Pass and Chaundra L. Taylor, 40, of Calera.

-William Ray Henry, 61, of Alabaster and Rebecca A. Waller, 51, of Alabaster.