Gentry to run for Calera mayor

Published 3:56 pm Friday, July 20, 2012


CALERA – City Councilmember Ed Gentry recently announced his candidacy for Calera mayor in the Aug. 28 municipal election.

Gentry said the city needs “positive leadership.”

Ed Gentry.

“It’s been run the same old way, and nothing is being done to create a positive leadership for the city,” Gentry said.

Gentry, a lifelong resident of Shelby County, has been a Calera resident for eight years. In addition to presently serving on the City Council, Gentry is a retired businessman with 35 years of experience in water, gas and sewer utilities. Gentry owned and managed a water, gas and sewer supply company and served on the Board of Directors for the Alabama Natural Gas Association.

Gentry, in his campaign material, said he would work with the City Council to “bring a fair salary base for all employees of the city by restructuring the salary guidelines to bring them in line with cities of comparable size and revenue base, and to provide salary increases based on merit and outstanding work ethics.”

Additionally, Gentry said he would work to move the present polling location to Roy Downs Memorial Library and establish a new polling location in the northern portion of the city as well.

“I am serving on the city council, and I see so many things that are not rightly done that need to be done,” Gentry said.

“I have probably voted ‘no’ more than any other council person that has ever sat on that City Council on issues … it’s strictly politics for them … but it’s not for the best interest of the citizens of the city,” he added. “It should not just benefit a few people of the city.”

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