Woman charged with Texas murder arrested in Shelby County

Published 12:15 pm Wednesday, August 1, 2012


A New Mexico woman charged with capital murder in Texas was arrested in Shelby County by U.S. Marshals July 31.

Desirae Monique Mata, 25, is being held in the Shelby County Jail with no bond.

Desirae Monique Mata.

Mata was arrested in connection with a Gaines County, Texas double homicide that occurred on May 10, 2012, according to a press release from the Gaines County Sheriff’s Office. Mata was expected to appear before a Shelby County judge Aug. 1.

According to the Seminole Sentinel Newspaper in Seminole, Texas, Mata’s charge of capital murder was assessed by local law enforcement for her “alleged connection to the shooting deaths of 30-year-old John Allen and 29-year-old Jay Doyal, both Gaines County residents, at a residence near the New Mexico-Texas state line.”

According to the Sentinel, Gaines County, Texas Sheriff Jon Key said he was able to obtain several Alabama addresses associated with Mata.

“With those addresses in hand, we passed them along to the U.S. Marshal’s Service, who began surveillance,” Key told the Sentinel. “It just so happened (Mata) was seen at one of the residences on Monday, so they decided to act upon the warrant this morning at that same residence and happened to locate her there (Tuesday.)”

According to Capt. Ken Burchfield of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department, the U.S. Marshals arrested Mata on a fugitive from justice warrant.

Jill Smitherman, Shelby County criminal court supervisor, said Mata was charged with a Fugitive from Justice charge and appeared before a Shelby County judge Aug. 1. Mata signed a waiver of extradition, and her case was dismissed, Smitherman said.