Pownall running for Chelsea mayor

Published 9:41 am Friday, August 3, 2012


CHELSEA – Kirk Pownall recently announced his candidacy for the Chelsea mayor position.

Pownall and his wife Sheila have owned an apartment locating business for the past 19 years. The Pownalls have two children, a daughter at Chelsea High School and a younger son attending Chelsea Intermediate School.

Kirk Pownall.

“During the last eight years, I’ve seen a lot promises made, but not a lot of results,” Pownall said. “I want to change that.”

Pownall said Chelsea needs “more aggressive leadership.”

“I’ve been in business for myself for 19 years. I started from the ground up, and I think this past experience will help me,” he said.

If elected, Pownall said he intends to focus on Chelsea’s economic development, as well as traffic issues and annexation.

“We’ve got to develop Chelsea,” he said, noting the city could use light manufacturing and offices.

As for the traffic issues of Shelby County 47 and Shelby County 39, Pownall said Chelsea needs to partner with the Alabama Department of Transportation and Shelby County leadership to address the issues.

“The time is now to put a plan into action to resolve this issue as well as future traffic issues that the new elementary school is going to present,” Pownall wrote on his website, Kirkgetsresults.com.

On his website’s “frequently asked questions” section, Pownall addresses his main concerns, one of which is a sports complex.

“I do believe Chelsea needs better sporting facilities and that the current facilities need to be better maintained, but I also feel strong about the traffic issues presented at (Highways) 47 and 39, in front of the intermediate and middle school, and the new traffic issues the new elementary school will present,” Pownall wrote. “These are safety issues as well as causing delays in driving time.

“My third biggest issue would be economic development and planning for the growth of Chelsea by encouraging new businesses,” he added. “In addition, I feel that Chelsea High School is not ready for 6A, nor is the community — I would like to assist in moving Chelsea toward that direction.”