Harpersville mayor running for third term

Published 3:41 pm Monday, August 6, 2012


HARPERSVILLE – Mayor Theoangelo Perkins will run for a third term as Harpersville mayor during the municipal election Aug. 28.

Perkins, who also serves Harpersville as a school bus driver and part-time pastor, said he wants to “continue the progress” he’s seen in the town.

Mayor Theoangelo Perkins.

“I think we’ve accomplished a whole lot, but still there is much we need to do. And I feel I’ve seen this city through some tough times, and I think I have a vision and the experience to lead us into the future,” Perkins said.

Perkins said he wants to improve city services, promote the town and foster citizen involvement.

“We want to get the citizens more involved. When we came into office, we said we’d unify our town and promote it, and we’ve done that,” Perkins said. “I came into office at a time when we had some divisive things going on, so we held family friendly events to bring the community together. Harpersville has come a long way.”

Since becoming mayor, Perkins said he and the town council have established the Harpersville Library, brought sidewalks to town, recruited Budweiser and brought additional doctors to the town.

“We just want to continue that,” Perkins said. “There’s been some things in the media lately, and I’ve always taken the appropriate action when necessary. I want people to know that. When the appropriate time comes, I’ll take the appropriate action.”

Perkins is a certified municipal officer with advanced certification through the Alabama League of Municipalities.

“I’ve stood with the people, and I’ve been here to serve the people. We want to continue that and improve upon it,” Perkins said.