New Chelsea school to be named Forest Oaks Elementary

Published 11:20 am Friday, August 10, 2012


The new elementary school opening in Chelsea next fall will be named Forest Oaks Elementary School.

The Shelby Board of Education approved the name for the school, which is currently under construction in Chelsea, according to a Shelby County Schools press release.

The school’s name is the culmination of a committee effort to determine a unique but fitting name for a school located within the Chelsea community, according to the press release. . The committee consisted of school leaders, governmental leaders, and parent representatives.

“It is the agreement of the committee that the name Forest Oaks will help foster a close knit school community,” said Deputy Superintendent Tom Ferguson said in making his recommendation to the Board of Education.

“We are excited about the naming of Forest Oaks Elementary as it is one important step in the process of opening our new school,” said Dr. Resia Brooks, who will serve as the school’s principal. “We look forward to the new school’s opening and welcome the opportunity to establish a strong foundation of learning for the students at Forest Oaks Elementary. It is indeed an exciting time!”

Forest Oaks Elementary School will be the third elementary school serving the Chelsea community, joining Chelsea Park Elementary and Mt Laurel Elementary. Once the new school is open in the fall of 2013, all three elementary schools will serve grades K-5. The existing building, which houses Chelsea Intermediate School, will be used to expand Chelsea Middle School.