Prayer walk brings community together

Published 11:35 am Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Members of the Montevallo community prayed for Montevallo Middle School Aug. 19. (Contributed)


MONTEVALLO – Parents, students, teachers and residents joined together to pray for Montevallo schools Aug. 19 before students and teachers returned to school.

The prayer walk was held at Montevallo Middle School, and six local churches attended.

“It was so good to hear people there talking about the needs of our school and students and trying to think of ways to meet those needs,” wrote MMS eighth grade teacher Audra Edwards in an email. “I truly believe this will help strengthen the relationships between the school and community churches, so that we can all work together to teach our children.”

Edwards and Patti Champion, who put the event together, provided Bible-based prayers for attendees.

“Your presence here pleases our Lord and means a lot to the families of the students who attend school here and the teachers, administration and staff who work here,” the event’s pamphlet read.

A list of prayer requests included students and their families, faculty and staff, protection and academics.

“Violence, addictions, domestic problems, hunger and many other issues are very real even in our community,” the pamphlet read. “We at MMS want to strengthen our relationships with our community church families so that we can better meet the needs of our young people.”

Champion said about 30 people attended the event, but as it was the first year for the event, she’s hopeful for next year.

“With a smaller school, we could do the prayer walk without feeling like you’re offending people,” Champion said. “With a bigger school, I don’t know if you’d feel as comfortable doing something like this, but with small town, small community, and you know more people, it’s more conducive to something like this.”

Edwards said she was encouraged to see people from different church denominations joining to pray for the school.

“I can only see bigger and better things coming from this,” Edwards said. “We are also so thankful that we have an administration who appreciates and supports the prayers of the community.”