Mistake causes Briarwood to not play volleyball match

Published 8:13 pm Thursday, September 6, 2012

By GRAHAM CARR / Staff Writer

NORTH SHELBY-In a bizarre event,the Briarwood Christian School varsity volleyball team did not play Parker High School on Sept. 6 because the Parker High School varsity team had accidentally played Briarwood’s junior varsity team.

Briarwood coach Tien Le said rules prevented Parker’s varsity from being able to play both Briarwood’s junior varsity and varsity teams.

“Alabama High School Athletic Association rule says that a player cannot play a junior varsity and varsity game on the same night,” Le said. “Therefore, her team cannot play a varsity match tonight.”

Le said the mistake was caused by an email Parker coaches said they sent to Briarwood months ago.  Parker coaches told Le the email said Parker did not have a junior varsity team and would only be playing a varsity game, Thursday night.

Le said Briarwood has no record of the email so his team thought it was a routine night where the junior varsity plays first, followed by the varsity game.

The mistake was not caught by the two schools until after Parker’s varsity had defeated Briarwood’s junior varsity in 2-1 and Briarwood’s varsity team began to warm up.

Le said the two teams are going to try and reschedule, but they would have to compare schedules first to find an available date.