Public education should be left alone

Published 1:34 pm Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dear Editor,

It is not too early to begin preparing for the end of this reign of terror by the current Republican administration in our state capitol.

Two years ago, the Republicans took over the state in a fair elective process. They were better organized and more persuasive in their message. Now they are in command. What has been the result?

In the minds of many across this great state, there has been panic, sickness, frustration and a feeling much similar to a reign of terror found in the streets of many inner cities across America during the 1960s.

As a retired educator, I have felt the personal attack of many in our state legislature and governor’s office. Most of us, who devoted much of our lives to the public schools of this state, are still in shock due to the efforts of this recently elected administration.

Massive effort has been put forth to destroy the Alabama Education Association and every individual who is associated with AEA and the Retirement System of Alabama.

Those of us who are reasonable and possessed of a sound mind must begin now to put an end to this madness and reign of terror over the next two years.

All in the Republican leadership in Montgomery are not guilty of this bad cloud hanging over our state, but too many are.

If you don’t like President Obama and affordable health care, then say so. But please leave the public education family alone. The RSA and AEA are not broke.

To those of you who love this great state, let’s prepare now to end this reign of terror over the next two years by mounting a massive effort at the ballot box.

Bobby Lee Harris