ASEF active in the community

Published 8:58 am Friday, September 21, 2012

From left, Alabama Sports and Entertainment Foundation Vice President Rachel Blackmon, Co-Treasurer Jamia Alexander-Williams and Secretary Sharon Hayes. (Contributed)

By SANDRA THAMES / Community Columnist

In 2007, a non-profit foundation was created to help Thompson Schools raise money for sports and entertainment needs.

Their mission statement is “to facilitate the planning, execution and maintenance of sports and entertainment facilities serving Thompson High School, the community, Alabaster and Shelby County.”

Currently, the Alabaster Sports and Entertainment Foundation is serving the high school, but the long-term goal is to get into all local schools.

Coaches and booster clubs ask ASEF for help with projects beyond the capabilities of the teams.

Thompson High School Principal Dr. Daniel Steele is informed of requests and future projects, but ASEF does not have to have his permission. The board is made up of President Tony Grillo, Vice-President Rachel Blackmon, Secretary Sharon Hayes and Co-Treasurers Misty Johnson and Jamia Alexander-Williams. These are the people who decide on the priorities of the foundation.

The current economy has affected how much businesses are able to contribute. Sponsorship from businesses, a program set up for families to contribute on a monthly basis to the foundation website, personal donations and a chance for any booster club member to earn money for their child’s spirit pack by putting in concession stand hours are just a few of the ways the public, businesses and families help ASEF.

At Veterans, Buck Creek and Warrior parks, as well as the Oak Mountain Amphitheatre, ASEF can set up booster members with full info and work schedules.

ASEF has just finished installing a sound system for THS’s Larry Simmons Stadium. Repairs to the press box are ongoing. Painting around the stadium on faded areas and replacing the faded, torn, red windscreen will happen soon.

The beautiful new THS gym floor is another completed project, thanks to lots of hard work by the foundation.

Team rings for our state wrestling champs was yet another project completed by ASEF. Weights, locker room updates and a visitor wheelchair ramp, field house repairs and money to the band round out a huge list.

The public can help by contributing, pitching fundraising ideas and volunteering. The ASEF website is at