All aboard! Cookieland train is ready for you

Published 4:01 pm Monday, October 8, 2012

By RICHARD PARKER / Community Columnist

Folks who have a dream early in life for what they want to be when they grow up and then successfully follow that dream and make it a reality have always been a wonder to me. I have always envied them and have decided that they must make up a rather small percentage of the population.

Bud Cason, founder and owner of Bud’s Best Cookies, is one of those folks.

Founder and CEO Bud Cason of Bud’s Best Cookies with son, Al, now president of the company. (Contributed)

As a youngster, Bud spent a good bit of time helping out at his aunt’s cookie bakery.

“From the time I was 12 years old, my dream was to own the most modern and efficient cookie factory in the world,” he said.

After owning a local cookie company for several years, Bud sold it and a sister company in Tennessee and started working on his dream. Construction started in 1991 on what would become a 136,000-square foot facility.

In April 2013, Bud’s Best Cookies will celebrate its 20th anniversary of the sale of their first cookies from the state-of-the-art plant he opened right here in Shelby County. Tucked away in the woods of the Riverchase Business Park, Bud and son Al head a staff that produces more than 1 million cookies per hour. That’s a lot of cookies!

Bud’s concept was to produce a top quality, bite-size cookie that kids of all ages would enjoy. His product and his concept have been enthusiastically accepted by young and old far beyond the boundaries of Shelby County.

Bud’s Best welcomes groups, clubs and individuals to come visit them and see first-hand what a really fine operation looks like. You can get on board the Cookie Train for a tour of the facility. I’m guessing that if you conduct yourself in acceptable fashion that you might even get to munch on a cookie or two!

Tours are scheduled on Monday and Tuesdays during the school year from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can schedule your tour by calling 987-4840 or 1-800-548-1504. Get on board! The aroma alone is worth it!


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