New Pelham library not needed

Published 11:51 am Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dear Editor,

I have seen plans for a new library proposed to be built in Pelham. I believe the cost will be several million dollars to complete. I question the logics of building a new library much less spending that amount of money at this time.

One thing is that the current library seems to be adequate whenever I visit, with no long lines.

One concern is that they are currently trying to figure out a way to keep the Pelham Civic Complex running when it is losing money every month. Why do we need another public building that may or may not make money? The Complex must not keep the meeting rooms, banquet hall, etc. booked, or wouldn’t it be making money rather than losing it?

Also, I saw an article recently of a town getting rid of their library due to ebooks and trying to find homes for over 25,000 books. What will happen in the near future with the increased use of ebooks, Kindles, iPads, etc.? Will we need a library?

I firmly believe we do need books and libraries but would we need a larger one, which will cost money for many years to the city and its residents?

I believe that this plan should seriously be reconsidered and put on a backburner for now. It just isn’t a priority that I can see in these serious economic times.

Donna Thompson