Apartments unsafe, more patrols needed

Published 9:18 am Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dear Editor,

I’m a current resident of the Lakes at Inverness apartment complex, formerly known as Hunter Pointe and Cahaba Lakes.

Since I moved into the complex this past March, there has been a Murder/Suicide on May 7 and a Robbery/Shooting on August 25. This doesn’t even account for other incidents that aren’t publicized, which I would imagine there have been many.

Most recently, my girlfriend and another resident were hit by an individual leaving the apartment complex, who fled the scene of the accident.

I understand that crime can happen anywhere, however, crime isn’t happening anywhere else in the Inverness area like it is in this complex. The neighborhoods behind the complex don’t have shootings or burglaries. People feel safe to visit businesses in the Inverness area.

I have no doubt that the sheriff’s department is aware of the ongoing problems in this apartment complex, so why are there no proactive measures being taken?

Even simply increasing patrol of the area would be a start. It would be nice to see a patrol car visit our complex simply for resident’s safety, rather than just responding to a 911 call

or a shooting.

Zack Hintz