Pelham must protect tree tunnel

Published 9:21 am Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dear Editor,

I am 17 years old and have lived in Pelham all of my life. I live near Oak Mountain State Park and travel the Oak Mountain State Park Road several times a week. I really enjoy the tree tunnel between the park entrance and the Amphitheater Road. It is so pretty and green, as well as being shady during the summer.

It also has a comforting feel even in the winter. My mom, who has also lived in Pelham all of her life, comments on the tunnel’s beauty every time she drives through it.

I have heard of construction developments possibly in the future along that road and I am praying the city planners will preserve the tree tunnel. I believe it is a wonderful enhancement to the entrance of the Park. As you come off the interstate through all the businesses, it gives you a woodsy feel before you actually get to the park entrance.

I have read articles in the Shelby County Reporter in the past from others who enjoy this tree tunnel. I would like to ask all citizens that read this article to Mayor Waters to let them know how much we want them to preserve this tree tunnel when any future development is done.

If we don’t protect it, the trees will be lost forever and the road will look like any other road in any other city.

Frankie Thompson