Kind and gentle souls need homes

Published 5:07 pm Monday, December 3, 2012

Sometimes the toughest to adopt out are the best pets available, so don’t overlook these two!

Max (Contributed)

Max is a kind and gentle, 4-year-old, Boxer/mix, but this sweet soul gets passed by because of his size — weighing in at more than 80 lbs.

China (Contributed)

China has a similar tale to tell; a fluffy and red, sociable 2-year-old Chow Chow/mix weighing more than 50 pounds.

First, think of the benefits of adult pets: easier to housetrain, less chewing, more sleeping and fewer surprises! They still have long lives ahead of them and a lot of love to give. And, large-breed dogs have a wide variety of personalities and activity levels as well as a lot of dog to snuggle with.

Whereas Max wants nothing more than to quietly lay by your side or take a calm stroll with you, China would love a family to run around the backyard with and play fetch until everyone is tuckered out and ready to come inside.

When you spend one moment up close with either you will wonder how they are still here waiting for their forever home.

Please contact the Shelby Humane Society at 669-3916 ext. 22 for more information about these two.

Also, remember to come out and see our cats at Petsmart Alabaster and Petsmart 280. These amazing felines are at both locations all the time and the Petsmart staff are eager to help find their purrrfect homes.

We also invite you to visit our shelter in Columbiana Tuesday-Saturday from noon-5:30 p.m. New and different pets are available day to day. Come out and find your match!