Suspect in murder of Alabaster man dies

Published 4:27 pm Saturday, December 8, 2012


A suspect in the homicide of an Alabaster man died while in custody in a Mississippi jail.

Lamario Brown, 30, of Birmingham, was in custody after being charged with the murder of William David Moore, 52, of Alabaster.

Brown was also charged with receiving stolen property in the first degree.

Brown was arrested in Jackson, Miss., and remained there while authorities were making preparations to extradite him to Alabama to face the murder charge.

Brown died Dec. 5 while in custody, and an autopsy revealed that he died from medical complications.

“Although we will not see this case reach a conclusion through the court, I am confident that no one else was involved in Mr. Moore’s death,” said Shelby County Sheriff Chris Curry.

Moore died Sept. 20, 2012, at his home. An autopsy confirmed that his death was a homicide, and his vehicle was located in Jackson, Miss., where Brown was arrested.