CVES kids enjoy Pioneer Day

Published 11:02 am Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Butch Fuller, a Creek Native American, talks with Creek View Elementary School students during Pioneer Day on Nov. 20. (Contributed)


The first graders of Creek View Elementary took a journey back in time for the school’s Pioneer Day on Nov. 20.

During the event, the children heard from Butch Fuller, a Creek Native American. He shared with the children the lifestyle the Creek people.

Fuller showed the kids how to make fire, use a drat arrow, bow and arrow, musket gun and shared the different homes the Creek Native Americans live in.

The students also experienced visiting an old school house with retired Shelby County teacher Sylvia Maske.

Maske told children how all ages of children were in one room for instruction using slate boards for writing and horn boards for reading.

The children also made crafts and Thanksgiving placemats for a local nursing home.

“The first-graders enjoyed their Pioneer Day, but decided they like school in 2012 with all the modern things best,” said CVES Assistant Principal Mandy Wesson.