Commissioners to meet with county corrections leadership

Published 11:18 pm Monday, January 14, 2013


COLUMBIANA – A division commander in the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department of corrections requested a meeting with the Shelby County Commission’s Public Safety Committee during a Jan. 14 commission meeting.

Capt. Jay Fondren asked for the meeting to “open clear lines of communications” between the Sheriff’s Department and the commission because elected officials should have “all information before making funding decisions.”

According to Fondren, the commission received the results of an independent assessment of the Shelby County Jail in June with recommendations for improvement. Fondren said he didn’t receive any comments or questions from the commission concerning the assessment.

“I can’t do this alone,” Fondren said, noting he needed help to maintain the “highest standard possible.”

Commission Chairperson Lindsey Allison said organizing a meeting with the Public Safety Committee “won’t be a problem at all.”

During the meeting, Kathy Wells, the director of Safehouse of Shelby County, thanked the commission for its support of the non-profit, which helps domestic and sexual violence victims.

Wells said the organization has been recognized nationally for taking a leadership role in dealing with trauma, domestic violence and mental health.

“It’s not just to get somebody into a home, but help them be a contributing member of the community and be safe and healthy,” Wells said.

During the meeting, the commission:

-Approved a resolution to provide additional funding to the Shelby County Law Enforcement Personnel Board for any remaining operating obligations for the 2012 fiscal year. The funding, which equals more than $56,000, was paid as a loan and will be repaid with no interest over the next three years.

-Approved a resolution to provide $39,000, a 50-percent match for an Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs grant, for additional recreational facilities at Oak Mountain State Park.

-Awarded the bid for a 2013 Ford F-150 truck for the county to Stivers Ford for $19,900.