Private citizens must protect themselves

Published 11:43 am Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dear Editor,

My New Years’ resolution for 2013 is to buy an assault rifle with 30 round clips and plenty of ammunition. Personal protection is responsible planning for contingencies. Throughout history, the earth has offered up a crop of humans whose threat assessment level rises to this degree of danger and necessary counter measures.

Guns save lives every day. Thousands of home invasions and sexual assaults have been deterred and thwarted by guns.

High capacity clips ensure precious firing time against perpetrators that exploit unloaded delays. Police resources and response times limit their ability to adequately protect citizens. Statistics confirm that armed victims stop more criminals than do police, when comparing “attempt/success” ratios with unarmed victims.

Criminals rightly fear armed citizens more than encountering the police.

Armed victims can stop criminals in progress, while police stall in locating, identifying, and detaining. Attorneys also hinder investigations.

On a broader scale, a desperate populace’s suffering from hurricanes, blizzards, flooding, drought, or virus quarantines can turn hospitable citizens into hostile threats.

Furthermore, rest assured jihadists will detonate an electro magnetic pulse bomb when able.

Rest assured the powerful and privileged have armed guards, bunkers, and food banks. Commoners must face and prepare for their own interests.

Patrick Sumerlin