Firm details condition of Alabaster school buildings

Published 10:19 pm Tuesday, January 22, 2013

THS, which was constructed in 1987, is prone to basement flooding during heavy rains and has “evidence of quite a few roof leaks,” Barkan said.

Barkan said Shelby County Schools officials are working to modify an outdoor staircase to prevent flood waters from entering the school’s basement, but said the school site likely will need groundwork to help prevent flooding near its back parking lot.

It likely will cost about $49,000 to make short-term fixes at THS, Barkan said.

Barkan recommended the city build a new, 30,000-square-foot addition to the school to house career-tech classes, re-roof the current THS building and renovate the field and track at Larry Simmons Stadium. He estimated the long-term projects at THS to cost about $20 million.

Barkan also recommended the city re-roof and install a new HVAC system at Creek View Elementary, make a few modifications to the Meadow View Elementary kitchen and repair the gym floor, improve site irrigation and install new carpet in parts of Thompson Middle School.

TMS also has some “cracking on the mezzanine level,” likely caused by high winds over the last several years, Barkan said.

“(The school has) been up going on 14 years now,” Barkan said of TMS. “It doesn’t pose too much concern to us.”

Barkan also made a few capital project recommendations to the BOE, and provided estimated costs of the projects.

It likely would cost the board about $71.5 million to construct a new 325,000-square-foot high school, complete with field house and an athletic complex. The price does not include land acquisition for the high school, which would be able to house about 2,000 students, Barkan said.

Barkan said the Alabaster BOE could construct a new intermediate school building capable of housing fourth-through-sixth-graders for about $36.4 million.

It would cost the board about $40 million to construct an intermediate school capable of housing fifth- and sixth-graders and expand CVES and MVES to house kindergarteners-fourth-graders, Barkan said.