Calera Glass offers experienced home and auto services

Published 4:51 pm Monday, January 28, 2013

Calera Glass is located at 10854 Alabama 25, Calera, across from Ellison Auto Sales. (contributed)

By MOLLIE BROWN / Community Columnist

When Shelby Glass closed its doors several years ago, Mark Moore saw the need for a glass service in the south Shelby area. In 2008, he opened Calera Glass, located on Alabama 25 across from Ellison Auto Sales.

Moore’s been involved in the glass business all his life. “My dad owned his first glass business in Samford, Fla.,” he said. “My parents, Bob and Dorothy (Driver), grew up in Coopers, just north of Verbena. They moved back here about the time I was born.”

Moore’s dad opened Bob’s Auto Glass, a glass and upholstery business, when the family returned to Chilton County. Moore recalls memories of sewing G.I. Joe clothing with scrap fabric. He remembers as if it was yesterday that he walked through the shop — upholstery at the front, glass in the middle and radiators at the back.

Moore spent all his time outside of school hours at the glass shop. In addition to learning the glass business, he had responsibilities at home. “My mother was sick a lot, which meant I had to learn how to cook and clean. I even signed my own report card. My dad was at work and my mom in the hospital most of the time. My brothers and I could have been some of the wildest kids out there, but we knew better because we were brought up in church.”

Moore is a self-proclaimed river rat because he lived in a cabin and bathed in Lake Jordan. His fondest memories are weekend fishing trips in Port St. Joe with his father.

He and his older brother opened Moore’s Auto Glass in Clanton when his father died. He’s also managed his 20-year lawn service, Mark’s Lawn Service.

“When Shelby Glass closed there wasn’t a glass company between Birmingham and Clanton, so I decided to open one here” Moore said. “I replace and repair windshields, cut mirrors, including beveled, storefront glass and window panes. I custom cut anything, big or little job, and take insurance claims. Most homeowners don’t realize it’s their choice who services an insurance claim.”

Calera Glass is open weekdays from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Call 668-7713 for detailed information about glass services.


Mollie Brown is a business columnist for the Shelby County Reporter. She can be reached at