Green acres is the place for me!

Published 5:26 pm Monday, February 11, 2013

Sheldon is available for adoption at Shelby Humane Society


Hey, I’m Sheldon! I’m seven months old and I know how to put the FUN in dysFUNctional!

You see, I love people. I give special hugs where I stretch against your chest and reach my paws on either side of your head and then I touch my nose to your nose. I also love to perch on your shoulder as you prep my food and water bowls or do any other chores. And I’m pretty sure everything you do revolves around me.

However, I have a litterbox issue. I will go to my box when it’s just me in this kennel space or when I was in my foster family’s bathroom. But, in two previous homes (my original home and my first foster home) I went number one on their bed. Yep, in both homes. All over the blankets, pillows…man, when I mess up, I do it with gusto! So, it seems like the best fit for me would be farm life!

And the other thing: I can play rough with other cats. I go all Ninja Kitty by leaping from high places and launching myself on to the backs of other cats and then disappearing before they know what hit them. Therefore, other cats think I’m pretty annoying. I haven’t figured out what dogs are really, but they don’t slow me down. I just zoom past them as I fly around the house to expend my somewhat endless energy. Honestly, I think no other cats and a tolerant dog or two would be a good fit, but a cat that might put me in my place in the wide-open life of a farm would be OK, too.

The moral of this wacked-out tail is that I need your help finding my right match. Despite my minor “issues” (don’t we all have a few of those), I am handsome, hysterical and head-over-heels in love with life. So get me outta here, will ya?

May your cat naps be aplenty, and your hairballs few!



If you can provide a forever home for Sheldon, please contact the Shelby Humane Society at 669-3916 or get more information at