Take a Tripp to Cowboy Days in Columbiana

Published 4:53 pm Monday, February 11, 2013


Tripp Robinson rides the mechanical bull at a previous Cowboy Day in Columbiana

By PHOEBE ROBINSON/Community Columnist

My name is Tripp, and I cannot wait until Cowboy Day. I go every year to Cowboy Day with my papa, my gran, my mama, my daddy and my baby sister. I am 6 now. I got a new baby brother. He hasn’t been to Cowboy Day since he wasn’t born before. He is too little to do anything.

I cannot wait to wear my cowboy hat and cowboy boots and my rope and my gun. Papa made my gun. It don’t shoot ‘cause it’s wood. Papa dresses up with me. Gran says he looks like John Wayne.  Who is John Wayne?

My favorite thing is to ride the bull. It bucked and bucked, and I fell off and I got back on. The bull is real tall, but I got on it by myself. I LOVE to ride the bull. I cannot wait to ride again at Cowboy Day!

I love the parade too. There are lots of horses and wagons and cowboys and cowgirls but no cars. Cars cannot be in the Cowboy Parade.

I cannot wait to watch the shootout. The good guys shoot the bad guys just like in the movies. But it is real loud.

There is a train to ride, a stagecoach to climb on, a man that has a big whip, music and dancing, chili contest, food to eat, stuff to buy — just tons of stuff to do.

I also saw this lady make rope. She had this long thing that twisted and twisted and rope came out. I do not know how it works, but it was fun to see.

These men also had this thing that was real hot, and they hit things that got real hot. Papa says they are shoes for horses. Sure don’t look like my shoes but Papa says they are horses’ shoes.

Hope to see you at Cowboy Day!


NOTE: The fifth annual Columbiana Cowboy Day is Saturday, Feb. 16. Events are free and start at 10 a.m. Wild West Shootout is at high noon. Cowboy Parade is at 1 p.m.


Phoebe Donald Robinson can be reached by email at phoeberobinson@bellsouth.net.

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I am President of Donald Real Estate and Ins. Co., Inc., a company that my grandfather , Charles J. Donald, founded in 1925. I am the third generation owner of the business. I am also the Columbiana Columnist for the Shelby County Reporter.

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