OMMS announces Who’s Who winners

Published 12:07 pm Monday, February 18, 2013


The 2013 OMMS Who’s Who winners were announced at the annual Valentine Gala held Feb.  8. Students nominated and voted for classmates in the following categories:

 Best All Around 6th grade Red team:

Gregory Morris and Holli Riddle

 Best All Around 6th grade White team:

Boston Smith and Clara Fuller

 Best All Around 6th grade Blue team:

Dyer Martin and Anna Templin

 Best All Around 7th grade Red team:

Leaston Kicklighter and Kathryn Taylor-Sisk

Best All Around 7th grade White team:

Josh Pierce and Hailey Whitaker

 Best All Around 7th grade Blue team:

Carson Bobo and Hope Morton

 8th grade Red team:

• Best Looking: Mason Williamson and Sidney Gossett

• Best Dressed: Reid Hunt and Mae Pimentel

• Most Likely to Succeed: Armeen Barghi and Kathryn Holt

• Most Athletic: Daniel Salchert and Garrett DeAraujo and Samantha Taylor

• Friendliest: Fielder Hagan and Sophia Ferguson

• Most School Spirit: Houston Walley and Ryanne Ritter

• Most Dependable: Luke Rakers and Sara Scherer

• Cutest: Thomas Short and Meredith Stone

• Funniest: Peyton Carden and Donchelle Shepard

• Best All Around: Caleb Van Geffen and Goodwin Rhodes

 8th grade White team:

• Best Looking: Noah Egan and Kaitlin Manolio

• Best Dressed: Kris Hutchins and Anna Claire Elliott

• Most Likely to Succeed: Evan McPeak andAnna Parker

• Most Athletic: Nathan Nix and Erin Duffey

• Friendliest: Carson Park and Grace Taylor

• Most School Spirit: Keylan Speed and Kara Wingard

• Most Dependable: Drew Fitzgerald and Mollie Grace Wade

• Cutest: Jordan Paugh, Redding Tipton and Melanie LaPorte

• Funniest: Nick Feenker and Hannah Joy Chandler

• Best All Around: Erin Shaw and Spencer Hughes

 8th grade Blue team:

• Best Looking: Gabe Lovvorn and Ally Wynne

• Best Dressed: Jared Dobbs and Lyndsey Stott

• Most Likely to Succeed: Nick Lee and Melanie Wiley

• Most Athletic: Christon Taylor and O’Neil Roberson

• Friendliest: Trey Philpott and Abby Loggins

• Most School Spirit: Mark-Edward Sullens and Macy Wallace

• Most Dependable: David Smart and Anna Roberts

• Cutest: Grayson Alexander and Rachel Honeywell

• Funniest: Brandon White and DeDee Brisby

• Best All Around: John Henry Brooks and Alayna Pruitt