OMMS announces Who’s Who winners


The 2013 OMMS Who’s Who winners were announced at the annual Valentine Gala held Feb.  8. Students nominated and voted for classmates in the following categories:

 Best All Around 6th grade Red team:

Gregory Morris and Holli Riddle

 Best All Around 6th grade White team:

Boston Smith and Clara Fuller

 Best All Around 6th grade Blue team:

Dyer Martin and Anna Templin

 Best All Around 7th grade Red team:

Leaston Kicklighter and Kathryn Taylor-Sisk

Best All Around 7th grade White team:

Josh Pierce and Hailey Whitaker

 Best All Around 7th grade Blue team:

Carson Bobo and Hope Morton

 8th grade Red team:

• Best Looking: Mason Williamson and Sidney Gossett

• Best Dressed: Reid Hunt and Mae Pimentel

• Most Likely to Succeed: Armeen Barghi and Kathryn Holt

• Most Athletic: Daniel Salchert and Garrett DeAraujo and Samantha Taylor

• Friendliest: Fielder Hagan and Sophia Ferguson

• Most School Spirit: Houston Walley and Ryanne Ritter

• Most Dependable: Luke Rakers and Sara Scherer

• Cutest: Thomas Short and Meredith Stone

• Funniest: Peyton Carden and Donchelle Shepard

• Best All Around: Caleb Van Geffen and Goodwin Rhodes

 8th grade White team:

• Best Looking: Noah Egan and Kaitlin Manolio

• Best Dressed: Kris Hutchins and Anna Claire Elliott

• Most Likely to Succeed: Evan McPeak andAnna Parker

• Most Athletic: Nathan Nix and Erin Duffey

• Friendliest: Carson Park and Grace Taylor

• Most School Spirit: Keylan Speed and Kara Wingard

• Most Dependable: Drew Fitzgerald and Mollie Grace Wade

• Cutest: Jordan Paugh, Redding Tipton and Melanie LaPorte

• Funniest: Nick Feenker and Hannah Joy Chandler

• Best All Around: Erin Shaw and Spencer Hughes

 8th grade Blue team:

• Best Looking: Gabe Lovvorn and Ally Wynne

• Best Dressed: Jared Dobbs and Lyndsey Stott

• Most Likely to Succeed: Nick Lee and Melanie Wiley

• Most Athletic: Christon Taylor and O’Neil Roberson

• Friendliest: Trey Philpott and Abby Loggins

• Most School Spirit: Mark-Edward Sullens and Macy Wallace

• Most Dependable: David Smart and Anna Roberts

• Cutest: Grayson Alexander and Rachel Honeywell

• Funniest: Brandon White and DeDee Brisby

• Best All Around: John Henry Brooks and Alayna Pruitt