Pelham lawsuit a frivolous action

Published 11:31 am Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dear Editor,

How ironic to see that former Pelham marketing director has filed a lawsuit again the city, claiming discrimination against her gender. As a staunch advocate of woman’s rights and one who has fought tirelessly on behalf of the Pelham Civic Complex and Ice Arena (recently renamed under the new Pelham city council administration to include Ice Arena), I am shocked by this lawsuit.

In my own experience, for the past two years, it is clear that Ms. Shepherd did not aggressively market the incredible Olympic-sized ice rink that should and could be a major economic driver for the City of Pelham.

Parents, in particular, have been pleading for change so that the hockey and figure skating programs can stay alive. Currently, our hockey program is very weak, which it shouldn’t have been if proper PR and marketing as well as recruitment was executed.

Hundreds of consumers that hear of the rink through Groupons or word of mouth are amazed to find out that a skating facility is even in the area.

The new administration, which is pro-rink, made the right decision and when the time comes must hire someone with personal skills and has a passion for the civic complex, the ice rink and the city.

This may sound harsh, but a lawsuit and wasting the city’s time is even worse.

Amy Sedlis