Martin should resign from BOE

Published 11:50 am Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dear Editor,

As an educator as well as a parent of two children, I was more than happy to see that some of Acker’s victims have filed a lawsuit against the Shelby County Board of Education, Lee Doebler and particularly Steve Martin, as he still serves on the board.

The SCBOE that was serving during the time of Acker’s crimes obviously did not appropriately or thoroughly do its most important job of protecting Shelby County ‘s children.

Those children are victims for life, while at least one of those board members still serves! What an outrage, and a slap at the victims.

Steve Martin should immediately resign as a board member.

I saw his TV interview. He never admitted fault nor did he apologize to the victims, their families, or the people of Shelby County. Don’t the citizens and children deserve better? Yes!

We have all read and learned of all the safety measures currently being discussed and implemented in school systems. This is a safety issue in my opinion.

Steve Martin should resign or be removed from the board immediately.

Shannan Davis