Alabaster Water Board tops 1,000 days without safety incident

Published 10:37 am Wednesday, April 10, 2013

By NEAL WAGNER / City Editor

Alabaster Water Board Supervisor Wesley Waites praised the department’s “great group of guys” a few days after the Water Board received one of the highest risk management awards from the Alabama League of Municipalities.

The Water Board recently received the League of Municipalities’ Gold Risk Management Award, which recognizes entities recording more than 1,000 consecutive days without a missed-time accident.

“It’s a very rare award, especially in the line of work we are in,” said Water Board Superintendent Wesley Waites, noting the department holds monthly safety meetings and regularly works to stress safety. “With this type of work, there’s so much that can happen.”

Water Board employees regularly travel from house to house to read meters, complete water line construction projects and perform other tasks related to Alabaster’s water infrastructure, Waites said.

“Through the efforts of the Alabaster Water Board, employee, property and liability

losses are being minimized and, most importantly, employees and citizens are reaping the rewards for a safer workplace and community,” read a city press release.

Waites said the department is working to continue the safety streak.

“We are going to shoot for 100 days at a time. We definitely don’t want anyone getting hurt,” Waites said.