County to move forward with $1.4 million in capital improvements

Published 2:54 pm Tuesday, May 14, 2013

By AMY JONES / Associate Editor

COLUMBIANA — After receiving an unexpected windfall from the state, Shelby County will spend about $1.4 million on capital improvements.

During the May 13 County Commission meeting, County Manager Alex Dudchock informed the commission that the county received $1.9 million in state funding — far more than the $448,000 originally budgeted for fiscal year 2013.

Over the past five years, the county has received an average of $580,432 in state funding per year.

Dudchock said the windfall was “an anomaly,” while county Finance Manager Butch Burbage said the county shouldn’t expect to see such a high amount in state funding again.

“I suspect this will never happen again,” Burbage said.

The state requires that at least 50 percent of any state funding be used for infrastructure, such as county road and bridge projects. Based on a recommendation from Dudchock, the County Commission reserved about $1.4 million of the state funding as county match funds for road and bridge projects throughout the county.

That move by the County Commission frees up money in Shelby County’s general fund, which will now be used for capital improvements, including:

— $800,000 for sheriff’s patrol and Drug Task Force vehicles.

— $200,000 for the Shelby County Jail, jail medical and dental facilities and community corrections.

— $127,468 for Shelby County IT services and courthouse security.

— $100,000 for facilities and general services.

— $75,000 for community services and senior services.

— $50,000 for the juvenile detention facility.

— $40,000 for development services.

— $10,000 for juvenile court services.

— $60,000 for emergency management and fire services.

Dudchock said the improvements will happen within the next four to eight months.