Chelsea residents should decide about tax

Published 12:47 pm Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dear Editor,

There seem to be some good points to support Chelsea’s proposed one-cent sales tax increase, and I’m also hearing some good points to oppose the increase.

I really think the city should allow the residents of Chelsea to vote on the increase instead of letting the Mayor and City Council decide what residents want.

Some of the projects mentioned, which would benefit from the tax increase, had been mentioned and proposed long before any word of a sales tax increase was mentioned.

For instance, we have been promised a permanent fix for the Shelby County 47 and Shelby County 36 intersection for years, and now it’s being added to the list of the reasons we they say we need the sales tax increase. Where was the money going to come from before when it was first promised?

Let the people decide if taking a little more out of the pockets of families’ incomes and giving it to local government would really help the city grow!

Ed Webb