Thompson needs better track surface

Published 11:55 am Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dear Editor,

As a former student of Thompson High School and a member of the track and field team from 2006 to 2008, I noticed a major problem with Larry Simmons Stadium. The track that surrounds the football field is made of concrete, which was laid down well over a decade ago.

This presents several problems for the track and field team. First, and I believe most importantly, the team cannot hold meets at their home track because all official Class 6A track meets must be held at locations with proper facilities, which must include a rubber or rubber composite track.

Secondly, the track can be very damaging to runners. The concrete causes shin splints, which are very painful and not so easy to cure once developed. For that reason, the track team does not normally practice on their own track. The sprinters and long distance runners normally train on the football field.

This is not really a problem except for the fact that the throwers need the field for drills and practicing their throws. Sprinters normally are not very effective when they have been struck by javelins.

Without a new track, the team will never actually reach its full potential, which Coach Montgomery and the Thompson track and field team desperately strive for on a daily basis.

The new track would prove to be advantageous very quickly. With it and a few more additions, Thompson could hold its very first official Class 6A track meet. These meets bring revenue to the program and the school. The new track will also improve the overall appearance and reputation of Thompson.

A better appearance always brings a sense of school pride with it. The team would also then be able to practice on its own track. This would make practice more efficient, and better practice would lead to a better track team. With a new track, I have no doubt that Coach Montgomery will have no problem assembling and training a track team that could very well win the state meet.

David Perot