APA 9-Ball Local Team Champs crowned

Published 2:32 pm Monday, June 3, 2013


The Birmingham American Poolplayers Association’s 2013 9-Ball Local Team Championship was held May 31-June 2.

The tournament, held at the Pelham Civic Complex, had 64 9-Ball teams competing to earn the Area Champion Trophies, a slot in the upcoming 2103 APA 9-Ball National Team Championship held at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV, and $5,000 cash for travel assistance.

The overall winners were:

At It Again: Elvis Jones, Callis Lynch, Sergio Galloway Nellie Lynch Telisa Mills, Michaela Lynch and Greg Summers;

Deja Voodoo: Cliff Crosby, Nelson Deaver, David Henson, Tommy Thompson, Susan Crosby, Timothy Parker, Will Handley and Dexter Leigeber.

Nice Lags: Mark Jacques, Happy Jacques, Larry Hale, Vaun Jemison, Patricia Fultz, Daryle Peacock and Chalres Loggins.

Thunderstruck: Wade Stanton, Olen Gaines, Jason Weldon, Kimberly Ming, Tina Mashburn, Jeff Capps and Laura Romei.

Those four teams will compete with hundreds of other APA teams, from all over the United States, Canada and Japan, for their share of over $1.5 million in cash and prizes.

The four runner-up teams were:

3 Lucky Guys: Ryan Pappas, Bayonne White, David Morrison, Josh Gwin, Anna Shinn, Allison Shratter, Jennifer Madara.

Eliminators: Jerry Parmer, Jeannie Parmer, Ricardo Levia, Patrick Robinson, Vaun Jemison, Gabby Abbruzzese, Alyssa Sokolowski and Cam Foster.

Goofballs: Meghan Pappas, Megan Cox, Rick Epperson, Eddie Reaves, Jennifer Madara, Michael Holloway, Greg Summers, and Steven Lackey.

Top Right: Rachel Hodges, Bryan Hassinger, Tara South, Mary Beth nix, Ben Thomas, Rachel Finner, John Hinkle and Kevin Cline.

The four runner-up teams won $140.00 each and a slot in our 2014 9-Ball Local Team Championship next year.