County Highway Department receives thanks

Published 11:52 am Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dear Editor,

In our nine years in the Wilsonville/Columbiana area, we have had two occasions to contact the Shelby County Highway Department. The first was after the April 2011 tornado did extensive damage to our property with approximately 50 trees down.

After a weekend of hiring a removal crew at considerable expense, we called the Highway Department for help. We can only say that the next day they were here hauling off debris from the right-of-way. They came approximately three days a week for several weeks.

We are sorry to say we have not properly thanked them for the great job they did, so hopefully it isn’t too late.

We called again last week for assistance regarding a lesser problem and received the same cooperation. We would especially like to thank Patsy Copeland, the assistant/receptionist for the fine way she does her job. Rarely do you find someone of her caliber to address a problem in such a helpful way. She could conduct a seminar on the proper way to treat the public!

Rosemary and Troy Stroud